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Parma calls itself “A country town with friendly people”. Scenic, family-friendly neighborhoods are just one of the reasons over 15,000 people love to call Parma their home. Parma and its village, Hilton, have tried to maintain a simple, small-town aura, in contrast to the sprawling suburbia of Greece to the east. The safe, small town atmosphere and access to all the opportunities of the big city make Parma a very attractive place to call home.  

The town has a rich history that is preserved through the efforts of the Parma Historical Society and the Parma Museum. The Hilton-Parma Recreation Department offers a full array of educational and recreational programs and events for all ages including swimming, horseback riding and camps for kids. The town offers a skate park and nature trails as well. 

Penfield, which was once peopled by Native Americans and traversed by French explorers, was named after an early settler. Residents are rediscovering the town's rich history. More than fifty percent of the town remains undeveloped, in spite of a housing boom that started in the 60's.  

Penfield has excellent schools, lots of rich history, and a rare, natural beauty. It is a bustling, suburban town that is a great place to raise a family, start up a business or retire. Its citizens are active in the community and many clubs and organizations thrive in Penfield.  

On of the best things about Penfield, for the nature lovers, is the abundance of recreational opportunities. Located right on the Irondequoit Bay, Penfield water sports enthusiasts are happy campers. Penfield has so many great parks. The Irondequoit Creek Trail travels along the Irondequoit creek and is great for jogging or bike riding. Ellison Park has woodlands, steep slopes, baseball diamonds and playgrounds. Wetlands Park is north of Ellison Park and is great for kayaking or canoeing. Irondequoit Bay Park East, in Penfield, is located along the southeastern shoreline of Irondequoit Bay and has 2000 feet of bay frontage. The town is also home to the Thousand Acre Swamp. 

Perinton has one of the best park systems in Western New York, with an open-space preservation program. In 1996, the town was named one of the Top Ten Trail Towns in the country. This is a booming community.  

The Village of Fairport is located within the Town of Perinton. It is called “The Crown Jewel of The Erie Canal” due to its beauty and its location on the Erie Canal. The Village of Fairport has family-owned businesses, waterfront restaurants and specialty stores, and is known for its canal boat tours and its low electric rates. 

Powder Mills Park in Pittsford and Perinton, has steep hillsides for cross country or downhill skiing. Hiking, fishing, and volleyball are other recreational activities available at the park.  

Pittsford is one of the most attractive suburbs of Rochester. It is a family oriented community with excellent schools. The Village of Pittsford became incorporated in 1827 and is the oldest historic village in Monroe County on the Erie Canal. Pittsford began as a trading center, strategically located between Genesee Falls and Canandaigua.  

The population of the Village of Pittsford is 1,500 people and its land area is only .75 square miles but The Town of Pittsford surrounds the village and has approximately 25,000 residents. Many historic buildings still grace Pittsford, thanks to remarkable preservation efforts. Recreational opportunities for all seasons abound in Pittsford due to the excellent parks and access to the Erie Canal, Irondequoit Bay and Lake Ontario. Powder Mills Park in Pittsford and Perinton, has steep hillsides for cross country or downhill skiing. Hiking, fishing, and volleyball are other recreational activities available at the park.  

Riga called itself “The First Pioneers of Monroe County” because the town has a rich history. Riga is also a place to get away from urban life. There are no skyscrapers to obstruct the town's rural scene.  

Main Street in the Village of Churchville is dotted with small shops. Churchville is a great place to live as its citizens are involved in the community. They strive to keep the rare, small town atmosphere while planning for the future. 

Rush is the smallest town in Monroe County and has a rural character that residents have fought to preserve. Town officials are trying to attract more commercial and light industrial development to help the tax base. Rush has a great deal of open space. Homes often have several acres of property. Wooded areas mix with rolling land in the south. The town is home to the Industry school for Boys. The Lehigh Valley Trail Park runs through Rush, and the Stoneybrook Road Park is a wonderful place to while away the hours.  

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